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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Season's Greetings!

My posts are quickly following a pattern of having quite a bit of time between them, and while I wish that I could claim that it was entirely because I've been lost in a sea of pages completing the revisions and editing on Gavain's Proving and completing more work on Laeryk's Fate... well, that wouldn't be entirely correct. More mundane elements of life, such as family and friends have been receiving the lion's share of my attention lately, and I make no apologies for that; we all have our priorities, and I believe that mine are in the right place.

That isn't to say that I've been stagnant in terms of writing. After some major revisions, Gavain's Proving is almost there... so close that if I were using my fingers to show you how close things were, you'd barely see space between my thumb and index finger. I actually have the latest draft version open on the tablet next to me (trying to do my little part to save our environment by editing electronically), and I can get through almost every chapter with barely a change, just a slight rewording here or a more clever adjective there. That's good news, and leaves me with the hopes that I will be able to hammer home before the holidays and have the final draft ready to upload to Amazon by January 1st. (Or sooner, sooner works too.)

For anyone impatient to read more of the Saga of Thorns, I sympathize with you. I want to write more of it, desperately. I love writing; it has been the most rewarding and satisfying career I've ever had. I must admit, however, that I loathe editing. I've started multiple side-projects during the editing process because the creative part of my brain starts screaming for air and needing to take breaks from Aerth for just a bit, long enough to recharge my mental batteries. This results in what I can only imagine are longer delays than what someone who hires out editors to look over their work experience, but sadly such a thing is just not yet in the cards. I look forward to it someday.

This is a bit longer of a post than many might feel a "I'm almost there, really, I am!" sort of post warrants, but frankly it's the holidays and I want readers to get a little more than just a single line to confirm that I'm still alive and writing (or another bad milk carton joke like my previous post). If Amazon's policies were a little more lenient, I'd post more of a preview for Gavain's Proving, but I suppose that I can understand the reasons for their restrictions.

On a side note, I've recently been looking into things like telling stories over Twitter, and the format intrigues me. I've been debating something like that here on the blog and through my Twitter account (@GrantHoeflinger) as another creative outlet to help me creatively output during the editing process. We'll see; brevity has always been a distant acquaintance of mine, and perhaps a Twitter story would be a proper exercise in reducing word count.

Or just fun.


So until my next post - possibly this year - I hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday, regardless of faith creed or whatever.

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