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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Available Today: Gavain's Proving!

Available at
I am thrilled to announce that Gavain's Proving is now available for purchase at! As part of the KDP Select program, Gavain's Proving will be available exclusively at Amazon for 90 days, after which it will be opened up to wider distribution through and its subsidiaries. Below is the book's description:

When Gavain learned that he was going to be assigned his final test as a squire before becoming a Wyvern Knight, he expected that his Proving would be a routine mission--escorting a noble, leading a border patrol, or perhaps even coordinating an assault on a bandit camp. He never imagined that his Proving would require him to explore the deadly Wastes south of Valdaran, nor that what he would discover there would be far worse than his superiors suspected. If Gavain cannot survive his Proving, all of Valdaran may be doomed…

Gavain’s Proving is a prequel to the Saga of Thorns. Set a year before the Saga of Thorns begins, if you have yet to read Laeryk’s Proving, Book One of the Saga of Thorns, Gavain’s Proving is a perfect place to begin exploring the world of the Saga of Thorns.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped make this latest release possible; even though I handle the majority of my publishing on my own, it would be impossible for me to release anything without family and friends who beta read, offer critiques and suggestions, or simply allow me to babble out loud at them while I brainstorm ideas or work through various issues with the story.

Laeryk's Proving, Now At A Reduced Price!

To celebrate the release of Gavain's Proving, I've reduced the price of Laeryk's Proving at Amazon and Smashwords (and eventually at all the other retailers, once the price change goes through Smashwords' distribution channels). Now you can enjoy Laeryk's Proving for the low price of $2.99!

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